Second Life Registration API

limited to estate ID
start region name
group name
start location coordinates x,y,z


This form is for region owners who wish to create avatars that are restricted to their region. This may be desirable for educators who have need to protect students from content in other regions that may not be suitable.

  1. Request access to use the Linden Lab Registration API by completing the Registration API Request Form.
  2. Use the capabilities form provided by Linden Lab when you receive an email stating that you have been given access to the Registration API. Copy the file from the capabilities form, save it, and keep it private. These are the web addresses you need to use this tool.
  3. Enter the URIs you received in the last step into this form in the top four input areas. These URIs look like:
  4. Enter a username, check the CHECK NAME radio button, and click SUBMIT to verify your username is valid. This tool creates users with last name Resident.
  5. To limit the user to a region, enter the estate ID. Find this in Firestorm by clicking the World Tab, Region Details, then the Region tab. The Estate ID is in the upper right.
  6. Enter the Region Name for the user to start in. This name is just to the left of the Estate ID in the last step.
  7. Enter the start location coordinates in the start region. These are the numbers in the Firestorm title bar like where you want the new user to start.
  8. Check the CREATE USER radio button then click SUBMIT to create the user.
  9. IMPORTANT: Status of your new user request is listed right below the Submit button. There will be a link that looks like Save this link and give it to the person who will use the account. They will be guided to read and agree to the Second Life terms of use, select an avatar gender, enter an email address, and select a password.
  10. For added security, you can limit access to your region to members of a group to keep out inappropriate people. Instructions to restrict access to group land are here. Add the new user you created by checking the ADD TO GROUP radio button and clicking SUBMIT. You must do this within 1 hour of creating the user for it to work.

I hope you find this tool useful. I made it to simplify access to the Second Life Registration API so people could use it without having to worry about coding a web interface to the very useful API. Please contact me if you have problems with the tool.