MSUB City College E-Learning Workshops

Please contact Andy Sullivan at if I might be able to help you with your E-Learning needs. As part of the E-Learning group at MSUB, our goals are:

E-Learning Group Focus and Goals:

  1. Continuous improvement of education both online and in person.
  2. Act as a collaborative sharing center where instructors can benefit from best practices across the University. Work to find ways to apply practices to the unique teaching challenges of a hands-on technical college.
  3. Help instructors understand what tools are available and their value.
  4. Increase comfort level and expertise with online learning considering the unique students and teaching demands of a 2-year technical college.
  5. Act as a resource to help instructors with less experience or without educational methods training to understand the elements of effective online and in person courses.

E-Learning Workshop Plans

E-Learning Workshop Schedule and Minutes

Date Time Location Focus Topic
Thu Aug 1309:00 AMTech A070Covid-19 Learning and Best Practices (Meeting Minutes)
Fri Aug 1402:00 PMHS 219MSUB Core Principles of Quality (Meeting Minutes)
Mon Aug 2404:00 PMTech A070How to setup the gradebook in D2L (Meeting Minutes)
Tue Sep 111:30 AMHS 219Building online assessment (Meeting Minutes)
Wed Sep 911:30 AMTech A070Supplementing with online content (Meeting Minutes)
Thu Sep 1709:00 AMHS 219Audio and video lecture recording strategies (Meeting Minutes)
Fri Sep 2503:00 PMTech A070Moving a lecture online (Meeting Minutes)
Mon Oct 511:30 AMTech A070How to manage cheating (Meeting Minutes)
Tue Oct 1304:00 PMTech A070Online replacements for hands-on work (Meeting Minutes)
Thu Oct 2911:30 AMWebExTools to make a good video lesson (Meeting Minutes)
Fri Nov 603:00 PMWebExCaptioning and universal design (Meeting Minutes)