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Contact me if you would like to collaborate on virtual reality training or building online process simulators.

About Andy Sullivan

I am the Process Plant Technology (PPT) instructor at Montana State University Billings City College. I have 28 Years in the Refining and Chemicals sector with roles including FCC Business Team Lead, Operations Coordinator, Process Plant Technology Instructor, and Process Simulation Designer. I have a Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering from MIT, worked at ExxonMobil for 21 years, and taught at MSUB for 7 years.

Process Plant Technology

This site is for PPT students and people who are interested in working as a process plant technician. Process plant technology is the study of operating manufacturing facilities such as oil refineries, chemical plants, and many others. Process plant technicians are also called operators or multi-skilled technicians. They are responsible for operating processing equipment including startups, shutdowns, and responding to malfunctions. Process plant technicians find work in industries including oil refining, natural gas processing, chemical manufacture, mineral refining, biofuels, power generation, water treatment, paper manufacture, and food processing.

Careers in Process Plant Technology

Process Plant Technology graduates working as plant operators earn exceptionally high pay due to the highly skilled nature of the work. Process Plant Technology graduates working in the petroleum industry are sometime the highest paid graduates from a University including 4-year degrees. These high paying jobs are highly sought so a Process Plant Technology degree helps set an individual apart in a large pool of applicants.

Learning Process Plant Technology

Process Plant Technology degrees are typically 2-year Associates of Applied Science degrees. The degree is abbreviated PPT or PTEC for Process Technology. Reach out to me if you are interested in learning Process Plant Technology and becoming an Operator. We enjoy students from all over the world and you cannot beat going to school in beautiful Montana. I would love to give you a tour of our Process Plant Laboratory. I would also love to talk to people about collaborating on simulation tools.

Operator Training with Custom Simulators and Virtual Reality

My current work focuses on developing immersive 3D virtual reality models that give students authentic training and experience. Students work together on virtual equipment and processing units with an instructor mentor where they learn to safely operate refinery equipment during startup, normal operations, shutdown, and emergency situations. The training we conduct reminds me of working with operators starting up and shutting down equipment in a refinery. I have not experienced any other training as authentic as this.

Some of the simulations are open for anyone to use if you would like to try your hand starting, operating, and shutting down different equipment. This site also has 2D simulators, games, and fun quizzes to test background. These tools are designed to help give people a feel for what being an operator or Process Plant Technician is all about.

Andy Sullivan's Spring 2021 Calendar

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